ProductPress - a Gumroad plugin for WordPress membership sites

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ProductPress - a Gumroad plugin for WordPress membership sites

7 ratings

Are you a maker who's already selling products on Gumroad? Do you wish you could use Gumroad to sell courses, and private membership sites built on WordPress?

Now you can. This plugin allows you to sell your content on WordPress with Gumroad. Your Gumroad customers are automatically synced to WordPress as users.

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Here are some idea of products you could create with Productify and Gumroad together:

  • An online course, employing text, video, sound, and interactivity (using WordPress comments).
  • A membership site: create an exclusive members only WordPress site.
  • A private area of your blog: create a private, gated area of your site for paying readers.
  • A full album: if you're a musician, host your entire album on WordPress, and allow Gumroad customers to access it.
  • Bonus content: already selling a PDF, MP3, or other file on Gumroad? Give your customer access to bonus content on your website!

Note: Because of limitations with the Gumroad API, this plugin won't work with your past customers. For now, only new customers will be synced to WordPress as users.

I want this!


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